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You are using ivanti Service Manager (former HEAT Service Management) and therein tasks to assign certain work packages to help desk personnel. You are steering your IT-processes efficiently while making sure that nothing gets lost. There is just one thing that is really annoying, which is the lack of support for integrating other systems, like Microsoft Exchange, into that process. Data occasionally must be transported manually to use all the features other tools offer. This is time consuming and error prone. We have a solution for that.

whoosh ivanti connect transfers data from any Business Object to 3rd party Systems and the other way around and bridges a gap of manual data transfer.

In the following article I want to show you an example of how easy it is to create an appointment invitation based on a task with whoosh ivanti connect and how the response is sent back to ivanti Service Manager.

How it looks within ivanti

In the following picture we will see the ivanti “New Task” dialog, which may be familiar to you. We have extended the dialog with a few information. In marking 1 it is possible to set a time frame for when the task should be done. In the 2nd marking we can assign the task directly to a person.

As we can see, we have defined a task which is assigned to a help desk engineer with the name of Andreas Cula, which describes that a user needs guidance with Outlook. Since the user is not always in the office, the task has been scheduled for 7/5/2017 from 12:00-12:30.

No media disruption!

Without having to leave ivanti Service Manager a process is running in the background. This process is configured within ivanti SM and executed by whoosh ivanti connect. This results in an appointment invitation being sent to Dr. A. Cula automatically with all the relevant information. Here is the proof

Being able to respond would be great

As you might have guessed and you are correct about that. Of course does whoosh ivanti connect does support both directions when connecting the systems. When Andreas accepts the appointment invitation a (configurable) action will be executed within ivanti. In this example the number of persons under “Accepted” will be increased and it becomes a closed loop process.

This is just the beginning with whoosh ivanti connect

The example we’ve just looked at is just one of the possible applications of whoosh ivanti connect. There is much more. whoosh ivanti connect is a tool which if highly configurable.

We just made it easy: There is a data object as source and an object to sync with, those two objects are synchronized by the whoosh ivanti connect user. Additionally you can choose which exact properties of those objects are important to you and should get transferred.

Under this basic assumption there is no limit to creativity! You can now get more out of your IT Service Management and connect any target systems that are important to you.


Which other scenarios might be of interest to you? interest to you? Can we be of assistance? Get in touch with us and be inspired by whoosh ivanti connect. (learn more)


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