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IT managers, system integrators and administrators
complain about lack of integration of IT systems


  • Consultant projects are always more expensive than planned
    and nothing goes under 3 months
    (plus project management, negotiation time and travel expenses)
  • Half a year later, a little something has to be changed, but the consultant is no longer tangible

A product


  • Manual processes are labour-intensive
  • Something always goes wrong
  • The holiday replacement also isn't always tangible


  • Employees don't always remember manual processes
  • Nobody knows if a thing happened
  • Nobody knows when a thing happened
  • And what if no one notices?


"What still worked well on Monday isn't working by Friday."

Yes, there has to be a better way!

That is why we have made efforts to find a solution.
The result is ...


Just configure the connection between your IT systems.

whoosh Oktopus can connect all systems that want to be connected. You tell us which systems you are using and we will provide you with the appropriate connectors. Connectors are the tentacles of the octopus that ensure that the work between your systems runs automatically.

Oktopus connectors combine three key features:


  • Each system has its own trigger. The connector provides Oktopus with the most important triggers. For this the API gets connected.
  • These triggers are used to start an Oktopus workflow.
  • If a predefined event happens, the workflow starts.
  • Build-in (without connector) are the triggers
    • Timer
    • User presses "start" button
  • The configuration proceeds according to the four questions:
  1. Where? (Which system?)
  2. What? (Which event?)
  3. Who? (Which account?)
  4. How? (specific settings)


  • Each system provides actions. For this, the API will be connected.
  • Not all possible actions are available in the connector.
  • During the actions, fields can be read and written.
  • The fields can be filled or extended by simple drag & drop.
  • Text input is supported.
  • By default, whoosh Oktopus brings along the action "Set timer", which can start a new workflow. In addition, the text can be entered for test output.
  • The configuration proceeds according to the four questions:
  1. Where? (Which system?)
  2. What? (Which function?)
  3. Who? (Which account?)
  4. How? (specific settings)

Types of Files

  • The challenge: Different systems do not always understand the same values to be the same.
  • What a number is, what a text looks like, in which format date and time are displayed, and how everything is stored varies from system to system.
  • Good news: Oktopus technology has already solved these complex conversions.
  • All connectors speak whoosh on the Oktopus side and the system language on the connector side.
  • Oktopus itself speaks whoosh - and can communicate with virtually anything thanks to the connectors.
  • Also cool: Data can be manipulated. For example: "Take only the year from a date."
  • Phew, that brought us some grey hairs, but we're proud of it!

Pre-available connectors:


Create issue

Update issue


Add attachment

Add comment

Search issues


Trigger: Detect new mail in an Inbox

Send mail

Create meeting

Update meeting

Create task (In Users Account via impersonation)


Trigger: Find User

Create User

Reset User Password

Add a User, Group, Computer to any number of groups


Execute any query, with results or without


Trigger: Find Business Object

Create Business Object

Update Business Object

Add attachment

Add comment


Trigger: Detect file in a folder

Create CSV file

Create text file

Copy file

Move file

Delete file


Create JSON-File

Analyse and understand JSON-Data


Anything that has an API can be connected to Oktopus

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