The reporting app

Again and again, safety related problems occur in your company building? Like damaged sockets, torn down fire extinguishers, undefined liquids on the floor, tripping hazards, etc.? Surely, you’ve got a reporting system as part of your company intranet. But unfortunately, it’s rarely used. There are just too many distractions on the way back to the workspace. Thus, once you are back at your computer, the whole thing is forgotten. whoosh und weg solves this problem.

Pull your mobile phone from your pocket
Start the app
Take a photo
Press “send”

whoosh und weg documents the relevant data and forwards it to the competent department. This data includes: The photo (if needed with a comment), the phone’s information about where the picture was taken, and the name of whoever sent it. It doesn’t geht any more convenient than this.

  • FAST

    The reports instantly reach the responsible employee by mail.


    Only after having authenticated themselves at the company server via app can the users make a report.


    Large area and many buildings? No problem thanks to Geo-tagging.

  • EASY

    You see something? Send a photo and you’re done.

Cost per user



  • Up to 500 users


per user / annually


  • Up to 1.500 users


per user / annually


  • Up to 5.000 users


per user / annually


  • More than 5.000 users


per user / annually