manages safe communication between cloud and machines on premise

whoosh ivants allows for quick and secure on demand execution of any executable or task
on the customer’s endpoints via HEAT SM Quick Action or predefined workflows.

It reduces the need for remote control session to your endpoints to manually run routine tasks by the SDR. Due to the secure outbound communications and our whoosh proxy technology eliminates requirements for insecure VPN tunnels to access devices located either on local premise networks or in remote locations via the web.

With whoosh ivants you can now Start, Stop or Restart a service such as a remote control client / Run a disk cleanup / Gather local device information and send them to the cloud / Re-enable a local admin accounts / and much more


whoosh ivants – software doesn’t need to be bigger

The service management is running in the cloud. The managed, administered computers and servers are on premise. To guarantee the access on site the firewall must be opened and this means an extremely security vulnerability.

Creating a VPN connection means a big investment of time and effort and results in high usage of bandwidth and leads into maintenance requirements. Both solutions are inacceptable.
But the tasks must reach the user’s machine.

You need whoosh ivants
safe communication between cloud and machines on premise

  • Fast

    With whoosh ivants your IT-department can react much faster on problems which appear on premise. The tasks are created and saved in the IT service management and our technology takes care that the client gets the information. The actions get executed and the IT service management is informed about the progress.

  • Efficient

    whoosh ivants collects all requests and sends it as a bundle to ivanti SM. It acts as a distributor between ivanti SM and the user machines. As soon as tasks appear whoosh ivants distributes them to the particular work station. To prevent problems with the bandwidth our technology acts like a proxy for every single site.

  • Reliable

    whoosh ivants communicates constantly by a secured https-connection with ivanti SM. As soon as tasks are to distribute, it sends them to the addressed machines. Our technology also works for clients which are not able to reach their proxy ivants. In this case, a direct communication to ivanti cloud software is established.

  • Easy

    whoosh ivants is installed and ready for action within minutes. With state of the art methods, whoosh ivants communicates from local IT to the cloud and gets its duties and distributes it to every single workstation. Your connections between cloud and on premise machines is managed now.

rent whoosh ivants

get whoosh ivants for

0,07€ *

per user/month


That is only 0,84€ per user per year.

We start with a 3-year contract and you pay yearly.

After that the rental fee extends by one year.

Our updates and maintenance service are included.

* up to 3.000 user 1,32 € per year/user

up to 5.000 user 1,08 € per year/user

up to 10.000 user 0,84 € per year/user

  • secured https-connection
  • communication in direction of the cloud
  • open firewall or VPN are gratuitous
  • collect all requests and sends it as a bundle
  • acts like a proxy
  • works automatically and in the background
  • installed and ready for action within minutes
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