an instant endpoint execution solution for Ivanti Service Manager


whoosh ivants securely bridges the gap between Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) and your IT environment on premise (or any other endpoint you use). Without any security risks, whoosh ivants allows for a seamless integration of ISM into existing infastructure.
whoosh ivants is very easy to operate and can be installed within minutes. Once pre-authorized, any repetitive task can instantly be executed from within ISM. All you need to know is what task you want to trigger (disk cleanup, IP config, etc.) and what machine you want to run it on. Our addon does the rest. It logs the activities and autonomously reports the success back into the system.

Your problem

Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) is running in the cloud. The computers and servers managed by your IT-department are located on premise. To access the machines on premise from within ISM, normally either the firewall has to be opened or a VPN connection has to be established. But opening the firewall entails security risks, while VPN connections involve large investments in time and effort. Thus, both solutions aren’t acceptable. But somehow the tasks from ISM have to reach the user’s machine.

Your solution

What you need is whoosh ivants. It bridges the gap between the cloud and machines on premise both securely and without much effort.
But how does it work? How does our ISM addon circumvent opening the firewall or using a VPN tunnel?
Christian explains this vividly while doing what he does best: playing with Legos. You can learn about whoosh ivants by watching the adjacend video.

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0,07€ *

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That is only 0,84€ per user per year.

We start with a 3-year contract and you pay yearly.

After that, the rental fee extends by one year.

Our updates and maintenance services are included.

* up to 3.000 user 1,32 € per year/user

up to 5.000 user 1,08 € per year/user

up to 10.000 user 0,84 € per year/user

  • secured https-connection
  • communication in direction of the cloud
  • open firewall or VPN are gratuitous
  • collects all requests and sends it as a bundle
  • acts like a proxy
  • works automatically and in the background
  • installed and ready for action within minutes
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