You work successfully with Ivanti Service Manager? You are satisfied with its functions and usability? But…

…there is one thing that is time-consuming: When data from Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) must be connected to non-Ivanti-Software. This has to be done manually, taking lots of time. Time you’d rather spend on more important tasks.
A kind of bridge would be helpful. A bridge that, once it has been configured, automatically connects ISM to the third party software of your choice.
If that is what you whish for, then we’ve got good news for you: whoosh ivanti connect is exactly this bridge.

whoosh ivanti connect

whoosh ivanti connect is the basis technology that enables your ISM tenant to exchange data with selected third party software. The software you can connect ISM to depends on the connector you chose. The complete list of connectors we offer can be found below. Additionally, whoosh ivanti connect allows for an easy connection between all of your different ISM tenants.
whoosh ivanti connect is highly automated and very simple to use, so you can concentrate on the task at hand and let it do the rest. Of course, whoosh ivanti connect comes with state of the art security- and encryption-technology.

  • Focus

    Concentrate on real tasks, the rest is done by whoosh ivanti connect

  • Security

    State of the art security- and encryption technology

  • More than SOAP

    Not only SOAP, but restful services, script interfaces, or connect systems with simple data-exchange


  • Save time

    Deal with tasks fast and efficiently, due to simplicity and clarity

  • ONE Connector Interface

    With whoosh ivanti connect the Ivanti side looks always the same, only the configuration is adapted

  • Fast decisions

    Present your connector idea to us, we decide fast if we do it – and we deliver as quickly as possible



Connect (Basis)

  • ISM 2 another ISM tenant

  • The basis technology for further connections

  • Lifetime license for your ISM production enviroment



Exchange Connector

  • ISM 2 Exchange Server​

  • Requires Connect (Basis)
  • Connects ISM to Exchange 2016



File Connector

  • ISM 2 file (CSV, XML, JSON)​

  • Requires Connect (Basis)
  • Do you need another format? Contact us!




  • Use connect in your development and staging enviroment

  • Requires Connect (Basis)
  • Annual licensing including updates