You work successfully with ivanti Service Manager? You are satisfied with its functions and usability?

Work is going smoothly? But there is one thing which is annoying. If data of the Service Manager must be connected, linked or replaced.

Everything “by hand” and it is time consuming. Time, you rather would spend for more important tasks. A kind of standardized component would be helpful.

A kind of bridge would be helpful, doing everything automated after configuration. That is your wish? We’ve got it. It’s called whoosh ivanti connect.

whoosh ivanti connect

Provide new services for the systems you’ve got to connect, which provide objects and appropriate activities for the ivanti Service Manager.

A new web service which runs in the IIS. With an easy protocol for transfer of objects and the way back from the external system to the ivanti Service Manager.

You can concentrate real tasks and the rest is done by ivanti connect. You can easily deal with tasks fast and efficient because of the simplicity and clearness.

Not only SOAP, but restful services, script interfaces, or connect systems with simple data-exchange. And this all with state of the art security- and encryption technology.

  • Focus

    Concentrate on real tasks, the rest is done by whoosh ivanti connect

  • Security

    State of the art security- and encryption technology

  • More than SOAP

    Not only SOAP, but restful services, script interfaces, or connect systems with simple data-exchange


  • Save time

    Deal fast and efficient with tasks due to simplicity and clarity

  • ONE Connector Interface

    With whoosh ivanti connect the Heat side looks always the same, only the configuration is adapted

  • Fast decisions

    Present your connect idea to us, we decide fast if we do it and we deliver as quickly as possible




  • ivanti 2 ivanti ​Connector inklusive​

  • Die Basis Technologie ​für weitere Verbindungen​

  • Lifetime Lizenz für dein produktives​ ivanti Service Manager



Connect 2 Exchange

  • ivanti 2 Exchange Server​

  • Voraussetzung ist ein lizenziertes Connect Paket​
  • Verbinde ivanti Service Manager mit Exchange 2016​



Connect 2 File

  • ivanti 2 CSV File​

  • Voraussetzung ist ein lizensiertes Connect Paket​
  • Verbinde ivanti Service Manager mit CSV-Datei




  • Installiere Connect auf deinen Test- und Entwicklungstenants​

  • Voraussetzung sind lizensierte Connect Pakete

  • Jährliche Lizensierung inklusive Updates​



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