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Report safety deficiencies effortlessly to the responsible office – via app.

Integrate data from Ivanti Service Manager into other systems/programs.

Manages safe communiaction between ISM and devices on premises.

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Connect your IT Service Management with other Systems easily – with whoosh ivanti connect

whoosh ivanti connect You are using ivanti Service Manager (former HEAT Service Management) and therein tasks to assign certain work packages to help desk personnel. You are steering your IT-processes efficiently while making sure that nothing gets lost. There is just one thing that is really annoying, which is the lack of support for integrating…


Doing more with your HEAT Service Management

Der folgende Artikel ist in englisch, da Cloud-Lösungen in Deutschland trotz der vielen Debatten über Industrie 4.0 usw. immer noch rar gesät sind. What is HEAT Service Management? HEAT software provides a cloud based platform which offers a rich and highly customizable user interface to automate all the processes and workflows in your company. Or…