Christian 2

Christian Zander


René 1

René Vierkorn


Martin 1

Martin Geißler


philipp 1

Philipp Meischner


We do, what we say, what we do.

We recognized that business like it works today doesn’t make fun and doesn’t lead to easy solutions. It restricts, creates differences and enhances competitiveness. We don’t like winning just to win. We want to meet people, we want to get to know people, we want to widen our horizons. Therefore, we visit you and listen to you. We eliminate annoying minor details, so you can concentrate on what is essential. We love to be happy and we want people to develop their full potential. We want to make you happy. When you are happy we are happy too.

We want to be free from restrictions and constricting rules. We don’t like “We have always done it like this”, “That is how it should be” and “The others do it like this”. We push these boundaries and we jump over walls. So, we can see what is behind.

Negotiations, little games, cheating – that sucks! Tell us the price your willing to pay and we tell you if we will solve your problem. We solve little problems that waste your precious time and consume a lot of nerves.

We listen, we understand, we give people the feeling: “Finally somebody understands me. And beyond that they help me. They give me a solution for my problem.”. And whoosh, enjoyment and fun are coming back. More time for pleasant things of life remain and nerves are protected too.

We are the freedom manufaktur. It’s like that.

Christian 1

You are important to me. I love to work with peoples who share my values and want to grow with me. Every day a new idea is born. With my finger on the pulse of times, knowing trends and methods I am delivering the tools and methods for our committed employees and our venture. I am collecting ideas and process them with the customer. So, the development department, Marketing and Sale can start with their work. Market analysis and the first version of the partner one pager is part of my tasks just like representing the freedom manufaktur in public. I pay attention of observing our values. I continue developing our slim set of rules. I love to be advisor and a sparring partner in all fields of our business. I have a good eye for beautiful things and design. I live out my creativity and I have many ideas. I like to make them available in SSQ (FBQ – FastBadQuality).

Christian Zander

René 2

Cohesion – Team Spirit. Producing success with joy. To be there and to take time for each other. I have a good mind to do this. I like to get people enthusiastic about what we are doing and how we are doing it. Whether press, partner, clients or colleagues. Everyone who works or deals with the freedom manufaktur should have a good feeling. Therefore, I look after that everything runs well. The company’s toolbox must be always filled and everything must work. BackOffice, accounting, support and mentoring of people on the one hand and marketing as well as sales organization on the other are things I introduce. Selection, development and support of the sales channels (telesales, shop, reseller, distributors etc.). Thereby it is very important for me to ensure that our values are respected. My wish is that our company becomes a foundation to show the world that it is possible to act humanely and appreciative and be economical successful. Also, I entertain the government authorities and keep them happy, so we can concentrate on our work. If time permits I am available as service provider for questions of and essential things in life.

René Vierkorn

Martin 2

I like it when everything runs well. Therefore, I am available for everybody with my whole experience. But it’s not all about technology, the interaction between people is a key component. What is moving the other one, that is what I want to know. I listen and act based on that input, so that everybody feels better than before. That is something I like to do and I do it as often as I can.

I have no desire to play games or start lying, this particularly includes small untruths. If you ask me something you get a straightforward and honest answer, whether you like it or not.

In addition, I have a strong understanding of technical systems. I am very good at analyzing and understanding processes and then automate them to keep them running reliably. I ensure that the source code is always in good condition, also for projects which are not in focus. If somebody tells me “It runs on my machine”, it makes my alarm bells ring. There are many parts involved in software development and I always stay up to date. I love technology and progress and I am always among the pioneers. I get a kick out of it. The slogan “Never change a running system” doesn’t apply to me. I am changing the system all the time and that’s the reason why everything is working. When a problem arises, I have a quick and clean solution, so there will be no nasty surprises later.

You’ve got something that concerns you, talk to me. I will help you as good as I can.

Martin Geißler

philipp 2

I keep developing, I will get more communicational. Trained by steady contact with our clients. I deal with their problems and I make them mine. The target is to solve the problem, making the client happy, satisfied and free. I invent texts for our products. Texts that inspire people and make them want to have our solutions. Make our products covetousness. I love to care about the small things. I deal with bureaucracy, invoices and requests and I take care of it. In order that the experienced colleagues have more time for the big business. The mastery of that takes us one step further. In addition, they have more time to answer my questions and help me developing myself. So I have more time to share their knowledge and experience with me. And all this to reach the major target, getting as smart as they are, to handle the big business in addition to the small things. That is what I do!

Philipp Meischner